Volt Drop Calculator - Single Phase
This Volt Drop Calculator is for the estimation of the voltage drop that you would expect to see on a single phase power cable over a predefined distance, based on an anticipated load current.
The tool not only reports the anticipated Volt Drop for the relevant cable sizes, but also suggests the most appropriate cable to select to compensate for the inherent voltage drop.
To get started simply answer the following three questions and then press Calculate

  Nominal Input Voltage   V    
  Load Current max. 100 Amps Amps    
  Cable Length max. 1000 Metres Meters  

While all care has been taken in the creation of this Volt Drop Calculator Tool, the report it delivers is intended as a GUIDE only.
Please Note: There may be many other factors that have to be taken into consideration when selecting the right cable for a particular application. We would highly recommend that you consult with an Electrical Power Specialist before making any decision as to the suitability and sizing of a cable for your application.
FORMAL DISCLAIMER: Ashley-Edison (UK) does not represent that the Volt Drop Calculator Tool, or any information or results derived from the tool, is accurate or complete or applicable to your particular application and accept no liability in relation thereto. We make no representation or warranty, express or implied, nor accept any responsibility, regarding the suitability of selecting a cable or making any other related decisions by using this tool.